21 November 2013

The one with the Julep Maven November box.

Julep Maven November 2013

I haven't done a Julep Maven (my referral link) post in forever because I skipped a few months. November's boxes, however, really called to me. I loved the look of Cynthia, the sandy micro-shimmer from the Classic with a Twist box, and knew that the featured add-on, Autumn, was too pretty to pass up.

I really loved each of the three polishes, and I was surprisingly impressed with the gloss. It is not a unique color, but the formula and scent are very pleasant. Hope you enjoy the swatches! : )

Julep November 2013

Julep Sheila

Sheila: Cherry pie red creme

Julep Cynthia

Cynthia: Desert sand micro-glitter (The picture does not do this polish justice! It is almost holographic in certain lights - very unique, fun polish.)

Julep Lip Gloss Glowing

Julep Lip Gloss Glowing Swatch

Glowing: Sheer light pink gloss

Julep Autumn

Julep Autumn Swatch

Autumn: Burnt red-orange multi-dimensional glitter top coat


  1. Oh, wow!! I get the same box but didn't add on the Autumn color. I have to go purchase that one. It's so pretty!

  2. These are so pretty! I've never tried them or even heard about the brand properly, but they look amazing! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Renate from thecuriousklutz.blogspot.dk
    What’s in my makeup bag post has just gone up on my blog, if you’re interested to check it out!

  3. definition of autumn/winter nails haha!


  4. These are so lovely.


  5. Such beautiful colours, I really love Julep! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 


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