15 February 2013

The one with the peach & plum makeup look.

get ready with me

paula's choice perfect shine

In this Get Ready With Me video, I feature peach and plum shades. I've been all about the matchy-matchy lips and cheeks lately, so I chose two very similar shades. For blush I used Tarte's Blissful - the most beautiful warm peach. Since I had a lot going on with the eyes, I used a simple gloss, a gift from Paula's choice, their Perfect Shine Hydrating Lip Gloss in Peachy Cream.

benefit world famous neutrals

For eyes, I used the Benefit World Famous Neutrals in Sexiest Nudes Ever. I kept the lid and crease a soft plum, and then really packed on the silver shimmer shade on the lower lash line. The silver gave the look a brightness and a more wide-awake appearance.

face of the day

I hope you enjoy the video. : )


  1. Love the peach colors! And your nails? Darling!! xo

  2. I love this makeup look! I've been wearing a very similar look lately as well-mainly MAC Sable across the lids and Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera on the cheeks :)

    BTW your blog is lovely! I'm a happy new follower xx

    A Little Beauty Luxury

  3. I haven't tried the Sexiest nudes yet, just the Most Glamourous. I assumed the Sexiest ones were for people with a much darker skintone than I have (the palest of the pale!), but it's gorgeous on you!

  4. ♥ the makeup :) I could do something similar as an office look.

  5. ♥ the makeup. :) I could do something similar as an office look.

  6. I was revisiting some old blog posts and linked to you from a comment you left me...it's been a while! You look lovely as ever, and I love this video! I need to try this (when I have the time, ha) because our coloring is identical. I wish you could come over and do my makeup right now ;) Anyway...hello + hope you are well!


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