28 January 2013

The one with the products to use up.


I'm taking a break from my regular videos to share something I've challenged myself to complete in 2013 - use up ten beauty products. These are definitely not bad products. They are just ones I've had for a while or maybe I have something I prefer to use.

I think this is a really doable challenge, so I'm excited to share my progress throughout the year. : )

Oh, and, "Hello!" from Momo who insists on being the center of attention as I organize my vanity. ; )

Trying to set up my vanity, but someone has made herself at home. ; )


  1. Such a good idea! There are so many beauty products that I like (and some that I don't) that I just don't use regularly enough. I'd hate to think of that money being wasted on expiring goods, so I should probably set a few goals for myself as well. Happy Monday!

  2. I will have to check out this Revlon concealer! I love Mac Moisture Cover for my under-eye area, but it doesn't really cut it for blemishes and serious redness. Sounds like this would be better.

    You are cuuuuuuuuuuute!


  3. You have such a beautiful vanity, and I'm excited to see products you'll use up! :)

  4. A really great idea, might have a sort through my collection and pick out 10 products to use up this year too.



  5. Hi! New reader here :) I found you via youtube. I'm loving your videos!

    Where did you get your vanity? It's so pretty.

  6. Hi! New reader here :) I found you on youtube and I'm subscribing there as well!

    Do you mind if I ask where you got your vanity?


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