06 December 2012

The one with some new music.



Looking back over the past couple of years, I have been to some pretty amazing concerts. Two really stand out - Laura Marling and First Aid Kit. Not only were the performances incredible, but they both took place at the same venue, the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue.



Sixth & I

So since I had already fallen in love with the Sixth & I Synagogue, I was excited when my friend Karin invited me to a concert there this past Saturday. I wasn't sure what to expect. She knows one of the performers, but it wasn't just him playing. Nine other artists got together for something called We are the 9. From their website - 

Founded in 2008 by singer/songwriter Justin Trawick, "The 9 Songwriter Series" is a touring live music event based in Washington, DC. The show was created with the idea of nine artists getting together and combining their talents in order to play in nicer clubs and to larger amounts of people. Each installment features nine solo singer/songwriters performing in rotation and often sitting in with each other, providing audiences with a rich, intimate, varied listening experience.

I had assumed it would be taking place where the Laura Marling and First Aid Kit had sung, but there is a basement where artists with smaller audiences perform (did not know that). It gave the evening a very intimate feel.

Not only did each performer play, but they also played with each other and got the audience involved. We clapped, sang, and even played accompaniment with our phones (sounds crazy, but it happened!).

The caliber of artists was pretty astounding. There was also a lot of variety, so there was something for everyone no matter your taste in music. I would love to see The 9 play again (check their website for concert dates. I think they are in California now.). Some people who especially stood out to me - Joy Ike brought such a fun energy to the stage. Her song Nomad gave me chills. Bradley Rhodes of the band Melodime has the most beautiful voice. I'm hoping to check out one of Melodime's shows in the new year.  Oh, and Andy Zipf - I'm a bit obsessed with his album, Jealous Hands. You can download it for free on his website.

Well, if you were looking for some new music, I hope this gave you some people to check out. : )


  1. It was simply awesome. SO glad we went! Thanks for the great company. :)

  2. What a beautiful venue! The perfect setting can really make a show.


  3. I love it when artists perform in churches. I saw April Verch, a Celtic fiddler and step dancer perform at a church in my home town. What a treat it was. It's intimate and I love all the warmth of wood and stain glass from the church.

  4. Dearest Ashley,
    THANK YOU for the honorable mention in your blog :)


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