13 December 2012

The one with the Julep Maven December 2012 box.

Julep Maven December 2012

Julep Maven American Beauty December 2012

Julep is a monthly subscription service that I pay for (you can read more about it here). This month I chose the American Beauty box. Inside there was a major polish favorite, and one that was kind of a flop.

Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub

Cabochon Ring

For extras I received the Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub. That sounds like heaven to me - super excited to use it! Also, they included as a little bonus item - a create your own Cabonchon ring. The stone is clear and the idea is that you paint it with the polish of your choice. This is not something I would have bought on my own, but it's a fun, unique item. Once I paint mine, I'll share a picture with you all. : )

Julep American Beauty

Onto the polishes!

Swatch of Julep Julia

Julep Julia Swatch

Julep Julia: Purple orchid metallic with gold micro-glitter. This color is so beautiful. I could not get a picture to truly capture just how pretty it is. Also, I've had it on my nails for quite a few days and there are no chips or tip wear so far.

Julep Patti Swatch

Swatch of Julep Patti

Julep Patti: Full-coverage black multidimensional glitter. This polish I was not as pleased with. The formula was a bit hard to work with, and it felt very gritty on my nails. If you are looking for a black polish with glitter, I prefer butter LONDON's Gobsmacked.

Hope you enjoyed seeing swatches of this month's polishes. : )


  1. I got the same box this month and love Julia! I think it's super pretty. I also noticed that Patti looked kind of goopy which is disappointing.

  2. Wow, Julia is stunning on your nails! I'm going to have a hard time resisting the urge to pick it up.

  3. Oh wow, I almost added Julia on with my "Jules" points... really should have done! Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Wow! That purple is SO nice! Great post!

  5. Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the Julep Julia. LOVE! These polishes look like little galaxies on your fingernails.

  6. I got the same pack. Julia is gorgeous but I hate Patti (passionately). I ended up cancelling because I was also disappointed by how fast the suedes (from a previous box) chipped. Since they don't allow returns or exchanges it's not worth the money.

  7. First, I just wanted to say how pretty your blog design was :)
    But next, wow, your photography is amazing! You really bring out the colours in the photos!
    That Julia colour is devine!
    Great job, I loved reading your blog

  8. I agree of the two my fave is Julia!


  9. you always have the besssst nails!


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