13 November 2012

The one with my ban.do smooch bobbi.

ban.do smooch bobbi

ban.do smooch bobbi closeup

Today is all about red lips! As soon as ban.do released their fall / holiday collection, I fell in love. This is easily my favorite collection so far. As a brand ambassador, I got to pick an item - immediately the Smooch Bobbi called my name. : )

I've been wearing it non-stop, and usually I'm pairing it with a bold red lip (matchy-matchy to the extreme). In honor of my Smooch Bobbi, today I am featuring my top five red lip products - 


  1. LOVE the smooch bobbi! It looks precious on you:) Thanks for the post; I'm always looking for the perfect shade of red.

  2. You are so consistently glamorous.

  3. This couldn't have come at a better time as I am planning on bringing the drama with some red lips to a wedding this weekend!

  4. You are the most charming ever. Seriously, Ash.


  5. Beautiful! That bobbi was literally created for you, I think. :) And I'm definitely adding glossy stain #5 to my Christmas list. I had been pondering what my second color should be, and after seeing it, that's it! :)

  6. Ah I love that hair pin! Such a cute and appropriate choice. :)


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