30 November 2012

The one with the Christmas ornaments.

momo at christma

santa ornament

starbucks ornament

snowman ornament

This post has absolutely no purpose other than to say I love my living room when the tree is up and putting up a tree with Momo around is extra fun. : )

And if you are interested, I did upload another video this week. It's an outfit of the day featuring some Madewell cat jewelry and my ban.do metallic pom pom shoe clips.

madewell cat ring

Happy Friday!


  1. We just put our tree up last night. Best feeling in the whole world. Everett saw the lights this morning and couldn't stop smiling ;)

  2. I have those booties in the tan! I must head back for black as well! You look adorable!

  3. Your tree looks very festive!! Now I want to decorate!! :)


  4. Yay! I love christmassy posts! :) I'm seeing that foxy ring everywhere! So cute! Have a great weekend! xo

  5. Love your ornaments - and how adorable is your fluffy cat?!

  6. Such adorable ornaments! I just posted a picture of that same ring! :):)

  7. I love you and Momo so much. xo

  8. The first picture of Momo and the record/record player melts my heart.

  9. cat ring == adorable
    your nails + cat ring == love love love

    i bought a set of madewell ring bands a few weeks ago and they've become my favorite go-to accessory. it's too bad i didn't see this one at the time. so cute!

  10. What a wonderful post! I love the pure white branches of your tree + the red accents :)

  11. LOVE your tree and decorations...I think I need a Starbucks ornament. : )


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