11 October 2012

The one with the Julep Maven September 2012 box.

I love getting packages, and I love nail polish. It would appear that the Julep Maven program was designed specifically for people like me. : )

I had actually heard a lot about the program on YouTube, but it never really interested me. My thinking was I would rather spend money on nail polish of my own choosing, not some random assortment in a box.

A few months ago my local Sephora started carrying a select number of Julep polishes. I picked one up, and was really impressed with the formula. I looked into the Maven program on their website and learned a couple of things. 

First, there is a quiz to take that "defines" your style. I got Boho Glam (others include It Girl, Classic with a Twist, American Beauty, and Bombshell). Each month Julep puts together five separate boxes with different polishes and beauty products. You get a preview email, and based on the polish shades you can switch your style. In September I decided to choose Classic with a Twist (I added the green polish for an additional charge). If none of the boxes strike your fancy, you can skip the month with no charge.

Right now I'm really enjoying both the service and the Julep polishes. I thought I would share nail swatches of my September Julep Maven box. : )

julep brandt
Brandt is a soft black crème. My go-to black is very deep, so it's nice to now have a softer option.    

julep sophie
I love the description for Sophie - a “chic truffle mushroom crème.” This is one of my favorite shades to wear when I want to feel put-together.

julep hoch
Hoch was definitely the highlight of the box for me. It was a shade from another one of the styles that caught my eye, so I added it to my order. The formula is fantastic and I love how it looks on the nails.

The box also included a mascara that I will be talking about in my next favorites video. : )


  1. It's so cool to see Julep all over the US now. They used to only be in Seattle and my sis & I would get mani/pedis at the Julep Salon downtown. I LOVE the formula - it's one of my favorites!

  2. I'm seriously considering signing up - if you like the polishes, I know I will. :)

  3. Like Sarah I am also thinking about signing up...or asking for it as a Christmas present...it's the gift that keeps on giving! ;)

  4. Ok, this sounds amazing! I love receiving packages as well. I thought of getting new nail polishes every month sounds fabulous. It can also make your pick a color you wouldn't have thought to pick. I will defiantly have to check out my local sephora and try before I commit.

  5. I'm kicking myself for not adding up Hoch to my box, and it's all your fault. ;)

  6. LOVE the Sophie and Hoch color, both are simply splendid! I love the Julep Maven program, their polishes are so cool. :)

  7. looks like i may have to get in the program. those colors are beautiful, my favorite is hoch. :)


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