06 October 2012

The one with the fall reading list.

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Last week on Pinterest, I saw Lauren Conrad's Fall Reading List. I love seeing what other people are reading (Goodreads is one of my favorite websites), so I thought I would share what books I'm planning to read this fall.

  1. The Casual Vacancy: I am in no way expecting this to be Harry Potter, but I think J.K. Rowling is a gifted writer, and I'm interested to see her contribution to the world of adult novels.
  2. The End of Your Life Book Club: Book Addict Katie recently gave this a five-star rating on Goodreads, and I trust her recommendations. The story is of a mother and son who start a book club together as the mother lays dying in the hospital. Through their favorite books their relationship grows. Something tells me I'm in for a lot of crying.
  3. The Great Gatsby: When I read this novel in high school, I was blown away by the characters and the 20's in general. The movie is coming out in 2013, so I would love to read it again this fall.
  4. Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create a Community: After a hiatus this summer, I'm really glad to be back to blogging. I'm hoping this book will act as a guide as I decide how I want my blog to look and develop in the next year. (check out the adorable book trailer.)
  5. Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead: This book has been talked about a lot by the people in my Twitter feed. In particular, Amy has labeled it a must-read.
  6. Lauren Conrad Beauty: I would want to read this for the cover alone - her hair and makeup look amazing! : )
  7. The Truth About Style: If there was one show I would want to marathon it would be What Not to Wear. I just love a good transformation story, and I enjoy watching Stacy and Clinton banter. (I actually got to meet Stacy last night! It was amazing! proof)
  8. Crazy Sexy Kitchen: 150 Plant-Empowered Recipes to Ignite a Mouthwatering Revolution: If you are interested in nutrition and the power of a plant-based diet, I highly recommend Kris Carr's other book, Crazy Sexy Diet. It's pretty intense, but I learned a lot. 
Ok. I think that is more than enough to keep me busy. : ) What books are on your list?


  1. I am going to read Under Wildwood by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis. If you haven't read the first one (Wildwood), I highly recommend it. :)

  2. I was going to put one together this weekend too! And Daring Greatly is on mine too! Why oh why don't we live closer? : )

    I think that you will love Great Gatsby even more this time around. I've read it a few times, and each time I pick up on something new. Fitzgerald is genius.

    Have a wonderful weekend, love!


  3. I want to get the Lauren Conrad Beauty book soo bad! I don't think its out yet right? I'm going to have to look that up!


  4. I really want read End of Your life book club.. I love a good cry in a book :) I had a few books on my reading list but they turned out to be duds!

  5. I want to read The Casual Vacancy- there are a lot of mixed reviews and I know I need to make up my own mind!

    So many of my favorite writers are coming out with new books- TC Boyle, Zadie Smith, etc...

  6. Great picks! I really want to read some of the classics I was "forced" to read as a teenager because I imagine they'll be so much better as an adult. I am also super eager to read The Casual Vacancy!

  7. Great reading list! I'm reading "A Casual Vacancy" now, and I didn't even realize Lauren Conrad had a beauty book coming out! I LOVE her first style book and am pretty much running out the door to get this beauty one now - her makeup and hair always look flawless!


  8. The Great Gatsby is on my reading list too. I didn't know Stacy London has a book out! I want to read it :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}


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