24 October 2012

The one where I meet Stacy London.

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:: Sorry about the random photo background. I had to get ready at work. : ) ::

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to meet Stacy London (!!). My friend Becky and I headed into the city to a high-end clothing and furniture boutique where Stacy was promoting her new book, The Truth About Style.

Trying to decide what to wear when meeting a fashion stylist was a little nerve-racking. I ended up choosing a simple dress, but tried to fancy it up a bit with black and gold jewelry and my ban.do metallic heart clutch. (Stacy reprimanded anyone wearing flats - oops!)

Stacy looked fabulous in person. I even asked her what nail polish she was wearing - OPI's Designer...De Better - which she said was a horrific name, but a "fab" color. : )

stacy collage
:: Stacy talking with Becky ::

The one talking point I took away is something I think she also makes really clear on the show - Work with what you've got - this can be in terms of body type, age, budget. Make the most of it all and have fun with style.

stacy book 2

ps - If you'd like to win some of your own ban.do, they are currently holding a giveaway for one of their new products, the drinking the stars comb. Enter here. : )

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  1. Oh my word, I am obsessed with Stacy and What Not to Wear. How do you like her book? Should I buy it immediately? :)

  2. AHHH, I'm obsessed with her! Is the book worth buying?

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  4. How fun! I disagree with her flats policy, though. :) I LOVE that clutch - how have I never noticed that on ban.do before?

  5. That's awesome! I need to read her book. :) xo

  6. I love What Not to Wear! Stacy is the best! I want to read her book :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  7. What an amazing opportunity! you looked amazing :)

  8. Good choice on your outfit... as you were looking fab!!!! What an awesome experience! -Leslie

  9. I just flippin' love her! So amazing. I'm jealous!

  10. That is so amazing!! I am going to download the book. I keep meaning to, whoops. :) (I have that polish, also loathe the name and it is really fab.)

  11. Love that you met her!! She is so FAB!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  12. Oh. my. gosh. That is so amazing. I love her!!

  13. Oh em geeee! I love Stacy! I'm so jealous you got to meet her. I used to rush home between classes when I lived on campus at ASU to watch WNTW during lunch. Happy memories :)


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