16 September 2012

The one with a morning list.


  1. Drinking: Twinings English Breakfast Tea
  2. Reading: Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed
  3. YouTubing (& apparently making up new words): Favorites: Polishes Fall 2012
  4. Blogging: Our summer trip to Kentucky


  1. I'm an Earl Grey kind of girl myself, but us tea girls got to stick together!

  2. love it! I just saw Twinings make a pumpkin spice chai tea. I will be purchasing that soon! ;-) hehe!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing your video on favorite polishes!

  4. Fall polishes, eeee! I'm planning on writing up my own list as soon as I find THE perfect Pumpkin color. I wish I had a way of getting a bazillion polishes... I love 'em!

  5. You have such an amazing eye for beauty my dear! Loved this! And Twinnings tea is my all time fave :) Hope you're having a great weekend! xo

  6. Ooh good tea choice. I love a strong black tea. If you like English Breakfast you should try Yorkshire Gold. Delicious!

  7. Gorgeous photo! I love the little glimpse into your morning, and I eagerly await the nail polish video. :)


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