18 September 2012

The one with the fall clothing haul.


My one year YouTube anniversary is swiftly approaching, and I realized I've never done a clothing haul. If you aren't familiar with all the YT lingo, a haul is just a video where you show stuff you've recently pick up (real deep stuff...). Hauls happen to be a guilty pleasure of mine - they are a fun way to see what's in stores, learn about trends, and get inspiration for your own looks. : )



Here's my video if you'd like to see some things I'll be wearing this fall.


  1. Loved this! The F21 dress is so cute!

  2. Love what you got! So cute! I've never been to Francesca's, but now I'm thinking of checking it out!!

  3. Love the blue & khaki Francesca's dress! I saw it last week when I was at the Francesca's near me - just discovered it! - but sadly, they don't sell any of their clothes in a size bigger than a somewhat small large. Wear it for me, will ya? ;)

  4. So much cute!! Love it all! Now you have me itching to do some fall shopping myself! :)

  5. I really like the dresses from Francesca's. I find them to be so hit or miss as far as fit on me too. I love SOO many of their pieces and all of their prices, though.

  6. You got some beautiful stuff!! I have serious issues with dresses not being long enough :/

    I've never been to a Francesca's but I went to their website and discovered THERE'S ONE IN AZ... O_o

  7. I love your style! And all of the new items you picked out! Also, now I want some fun earrings!


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