24 September 2012

The one with the fall polishes.

favorite polishes for fall

One of my favorite posts to put together is polish picks for a particular season, and I love the little group I'm sharing with you today - lots of deep cremes, intense metallics, and even a glitter & foil tossed in there. : )

I hope you enjoy and please let me know what polishes you are excited to wear this fall.

butter london gobsmacked

This polish is gorgeous! Gobsmacked is a deep grey glitter with a definite texture. If you like the feel and look of glossy nails, you might need to use two layers of top coat.

butter london shag

This polish is one that is so shiny it doesn't even need the help of a top coat. A deep brown burgundy, butter LONDON Shag just screams fall.

essie all tied up

This duo was inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest (click here for the original image). Essie All Tied Up is a beautiful dusty rose with a hint of gold shimmer, and butter LONDON West End Wonderland is my favorite glitter for an accent nail.

essie boxer shorts

Moving onto some polishes with a bit more color, Essie Boxer Shorts is cute periwinkle blue cream.

julep hoch

I've said this before, but there is just something about deep green polishes on fair complexions that is so flattering. Julep Hoch is a cross between a hunter green and an emerald green.

sparitual sun salutation

Sparitual Sun Salutation is a gorgeous rose gold foil and is even prettier in direct sunlight.

You can check out my video to hear a little more about each polish.


  1. Oh my. Looks like I need to budget more for nail polish. The west end & gobsmacked butter london polishes look amazing.

  2. Ooh I love Shag, all tied up, and sun salutation. So pretty!

  3. Wow your photography is great! Nice work, love the shades too xx


  4. Omg! I want all of them! But especially the green! :)

  5. I really want gobsmacked! I haven't seen butter polishes in my city and it's driving me a little nuts because I really want some of them! I'm going to have to seek that one out. Thanks for the lead :)

  6. I am love, loving west end wonderland...is that a little red glitter I detect? I'll definitely have to pick that one up, I'm a sucker for gold glitter.

  7. Oh my gosh, so many pretty colors! I so wish I could pull off dark green, but I'm too dark for that. Jealous. :)

  8. Love these polishes. The spiritual one is right up my alley. How does it compare to only rage?


  9. You are such a lady. I adore you.


  10. You have a lot of polishes you're loving right now! I found boxer shorts last weekend and literally fist pumped in the aisle I was so excited. I also really like essie's "no more film". It's a dark true purple color. And I'm really thinking of signing up for julep. Their polishes are good quality and thick?

    1. I'm going to check out Essie's "No More Film" - thanks for the recommendation! I'm liking Julep so far. I've really only tried their cremes, but they are good quality. : )

  11. I've worn Butter's West End Wonderland and the color is amazing, but it feels like it's kind of hard to get off. Have you noticed this?

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

    1. Hi, Naomi! Have you tried the foil technique? It's pretty awesome. Damped a cotton ball with nail polish remover and place over the nail, wrap the tip of your finger with tin foil, wait a bit before you pull it off - magic! : )

  12. Anonymous9/27/2012

    What is the brand/color of the polish you are wearing on your nails in the video?

  13. Hi there! I just discovered you on YouTube and had to follow to see what things a fellow red head likes. :) I wanted to comment on your videos, but YouTube is on the fritz apparently. I'm so happy to see that you like Essie All Tied Up. I was just wearing it last week and felt like it was the perfect autumn leaf shade.
    I also wanted to mention, just in case you were still looking that the concealer I have enjoyed the most for my eyes is Maybelline Super Stay 24 hr in Ivory. I don't have problems creasing under my eyes, but I also use this as an eyeshadow base because my lids will crease badly if I don't. It's nice and creamy to apply (working fairly quickly) and then stays all day without drying. For me, it's really been surprising. I don't care for drugstore products that much.
    Another random recommendation on the subject of creasing is the Bare Minerals Prime Time primer shadow. No creasing for me even after all day wear and I've never found a creamy colored base that would do that for me, even the creaseless ones. haha! Looking forward to seeing more from you! You make me want to start doing videos again. I haven't in ages, but used to as Aurora0628.
    Nice to "meet" you. :)

  14. Ooo I really like the Julep Hoch, although I don't know if I have the best complexion to pull it off. :/


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