04 April 2012

The one with a helpful Instagram tip.


Instagram is the greatest, and with its release to the Android market yesterday more and more people are instagramming their breakfasts and OOTDs.

I thought I'd share a tip that I use all the time. It's a tip I think both seasoned and new IG users alike could benefit from. Wish I could take credit for thinking this up, but I first read this tip on Photojojo's twitter page.

First, before I share the tip, please, please IG responsibly. I unfollowed someone last night who posted 38 (yes! You read that right!) pictures in one night. Now I actually enjoyed some of those pictures, but there was no way I could make it through my feed to see what other friends were posting.

TIP: By putting your phone into airplane mode first, you can instagram a photo, have it save to your phone's photo album without showing up in everyone's feed.

Picnik collage
(( IG will show that the photo failed, but when you open your photo album there the picture will be with the IG editing. I then upload the picture using the Flickr app. ))

Now, maybe you're wondering why someone would want to do this? I'll give you my three reasons -

  • I forgot my regular camera but want pictures to remember something by. This happened on a weekend trip to Tennessee. Not all the pictures were super interesting to anyone but me, but I'm glad to have some pictures to remember that little trip.
Picnik collage

  • I want to take a lot of pictures in a short amount of time. A few weekends ago, I got the chance to hang out with Karin and Sarah. After brunch, we walked around Arlington, looking in shops and eating frozen yogurt. All these pictures were taken right after each other and would have cluttered up the feeds of my followers. By using the airplane mode tip, I was able to take cute pictures of a fun afternoon and upload them to Facebook later.
Picnik collage

  • I want pictures for my Facebook page. I recently started a Facebook page for my Youtube channel. I'm sure not everyone on IG cares what blush I'm currently loving. I like that I can still use the IG filters on these photos, so that my FB page is pretty to look at.
Picnik collage

So this is nothing ground-breaking, but I hope it might help some of you. :)

Oh, and if you are looking for some great IGers to follow, I'll list some of my favorites down below...

category // IGers

food // hannahqueen ourcitylights
celebrity // zooeydeschanel laurenconrad (don't judge!)
family // tenleyclark tiesandfries thedoeorthedeer jimaiemarie danihampton taza
daily life // heylisachiu _sarahnicole_ metropolis718 busybeelauren
inspirational // elisejoy linneapaulina whitneyjohnson
creative // puglypixel goodnightlittlespoon sheepishknitcrochet
coffee // chelseabirdd chelseadiane
fashion // yesterdayssweetheart kendieeveryday 
beauty // whoorl amarixe essie_button

I'm sure I'm leaving people out, but those are some that popped to my mind. Follow these people and your feed will be full of inspiration and pretty images.

That is all.


  1. Eeep thanks for mentioning me!!<3

    That's a really good tip! Usually I just take a screenshot of the picture but then I have to go back and crop out the border! -__- Will be trying your way!

  2. I love this post. Instagram responsibly!

  3. Thank you for putting this together! I was just asking for recommendations and starting to worry about going a bit crazy and posting too many photos on my first day (it could have easily happened)

  4. I've been doing this for awhile! I love using the IG focus and filters but don't always want to publish. so true! :)

    ps. zooey and lauren conrad are 2 of the few celebs I follow too. they are great! ;)

  5. A! Love this tip! I always just post and delete really fast but this is awesome.

  6. That is a great tip! Noted! :)

  7. I have IG jealousy over here! Maybe one day I'll join the modern world...but until then, I'm glad I have good friends who can capture sweet memories on their phone! I still love looking at our photos from a fun afternoon! :)

  8. I hadn't thought to put the phone in airplane mode! That's a great tip. I had been taking a screen shot when the photo was in the edit/filter screen and then cropping it down to the normal size. I love that there's a new, faster way to accomplish the same thing!

  9. This is honestly the greatest tip ever! I can't tell you how many times I've wished I could use the pretty Instagram effects on a picture without necessarily posting it to my feed - so great to know I can easily do that now! Thanks so much!


  10. I love the airplane mode! I, too, found the tip via photojojo! Haha & I also had to stop following someone becuase she posted like 40+ photos in one night about lame random things - too much clutter! :)

  11. aww thank you for the mention and this incredibly useful tip!!

  12. This is a great tip but I'd also like to point out that you can always just take photos on a different camera app (like Camera+) and load them into IG later at your leisure. I do this a lot when I'm in situations where I want to snap a bunch of pictures but don't have time to think about what kind of editing I prefer on them, or when I can't see the screen well to edit (like out in the bright sunshine).

  13. Yay! Thanks for telling everyone to use it responsibly...I have friends who post like, 17 photos of themselves within the span of like an hour and I always just skip past them. And great tip on the airplane mode thing, I've wondered how to do that!

  14. Thanks for sharing this! I would'nt have ever known to do that :)

  15. You have the most beautiful hair. I feel like this is a really random comment, but it is. I simply love your blog dear. Its so stunning and so are you.

  16. Yes, yes, and yes. I do this! All of my blog photos are IGs and I don't really feel its necessary to burden the world with that!

  17. Omg! EXCELLENT tip! I usually instagram them and then DELETE them right away but I'm not sure if that actually saves them from showing up in others feeds or not? I will be doing this from now on when I want the instagram effect on my photo's but don't want to fill up my followers feed. Thanks!

  18. Nice Tip! Thanks for sharing!!! OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Looks like I'll have plenty to read the next few (SEVERAL) days ahead! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG! -Leslie


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