29 September 2011

The one where I go to brunch.

top left: Lauren // bottom left: me & Becky // right: Karin

After weeks of tweeting our excitement, I finally met up with a handful of fabulous DMV bloggers on Sunday.

First, I was kind of nervous... so nervous, in fact, that I messed up the white balance on almost every photo I took. Let me tell you, trying to fix white balance stinks! Sorry if the picture quality is a little off on this post.

Second, these girls are incredible!

I got to sit by Lauren who happens to be reviewing all the wineries in Virginia. Sounds like a plan for our next meet up, right? ;)

Karin (pictured above on the right) is pretty much the sweetest - I am so glad that she decided to come. Her blog is filled with lovely photos of Virginia and delicious-looking food.

top: me & Lisa // bottom right: Tessica & Rachel

As soon as Becky walked in, she and Tessica hit it off. All of their similarities are crazy! Check out their blogs to find out more.

At one point the conversation turn to what else - blogging. It was incredible to hear everyone's blogging story, especially Rachel, who is now self-employed and following her dreams. (I swear, bloggers are the coolest people.)


We ate at Le Pain Quotidien in Old Town and after taking a while to decide on what to order, lots of delicious food and coffee were served to our (slightly cramped) table. ;)

bottom left: the Sarah's

Sarah (on the right) is probably the one out of the group I have "known" the longest (this was our first time meeting in person). She and Becky were the main reason the brunch happened. They are both such sweet people, and their personalities were exactly how they come across in their blogs.


And this Sarah is the newest DMV blogger! We found each other through Amy, and I am so happy Sarah started blogging. :)

(side note: I am now hiring Lisa to do all my shopping. How cute does she look?? Her blog is definitely one of my style inspiration spots. She was a great sport and let me photograph her with my special guest. I also completely bear hugged her when she walked in, but I really felt like I knew her already.)

I told the girls that when I first started blogging I was sad that I didn't live in California or Arizona because that's where I thought all the bloggers were.

When I really started looking, though, I found tons in my area! I hope maybe this will inspire you to find people in your town and to start building a little blogging community there.

That is all.

Want to see more photos? Check out the other Bloggers who Brunch posts...
(Did I miss anyone??)

photo templates via the oh-so-talented Katrina.


  1. I had the best time! Let's all plan to get together again soon! What a fabulous group of women. :)

  2. Ugh! I'm so sad I missed this! Looks like you ladies had a blast! Next time! Oh, and Ashely - the photos are beautiful don't even worry! :) Yay for DMV bloggers!


  3. Yay us! I enjoyed meeting everyone! I can't wait to get together again! It was a honor to be photographed with Gus hehe! Thanks again Ashley for organizing this wonderful meetup! p.s. the photos look great!

  4. Ashley, thanks again for making the effort to organize this - you've definitely inspired me to be more active about meeting local bloggers! (I'd organize a meet-up myself, but I don't think I have enough readers on my little blog!)

  5. oh my gosh all these virginia bloggers, i love it. now i can go check out all their blogs and pictures and reviews to get my virginia fix.

  6. It was great meeting you and thank you again for organizing this!

  7. you girls look BEAUTIFUL!!! how i wish i could have gone. Ashley you are amazing for putting all of this together :) and just so you know, i would have been nervous too and i'm outgoing ha so thankyou for sharing even the bit about the white balance (they look fabulous btw! unnoticeable silly! :)

    i was just going to say i LOVE lisa's top and then i see how she paired it with the dress... swoon!

  8. Sounds like you girls had a great time. I adore blog get togethers and have made some really great friends because of them!

  9. Oh please, your photos are awesome! The lighting in the cafe was wonky anyways...but your photos turned out great. I can't say it enough...SUCH a great group...you ladies are LOVELY! :)

  10. It looks like you ladies had a really fun time! I love your photos - you all have such cute outfits on!

  11. Ahhhh! This is EPIC!!! I have so many bloggy friends, though we're spread out. But hey, distance doesn't hurt!

  12. It does seem like they're all in CA and AZ huh? Also Utah. I don't know many bloggers in Maine :( Wish I did though! This looks like such a great time...glad you found so many awesome people nearby :)

  13. Totally kicking myself for missing this. Next time!

  14. Oh that looks like so much fun! I don't know why so many bloggers live in AZ, but I love it because that's where I live! :) So glad that you girls got to meet up!

    Carrie Rosalind
    Rosalind Revival

  15. This looked like so much fun! I'm sad I missed it! I hope you all plan another one soon - I would love to come :)

  16. I love this, blog meet ups are just so cool. I'm always sad I live on the wrong side of the pond if I'm honest, I'd love to bear hug so many bloggers from the US lol

    I'm looking forward to checking out everyones blogs now!

  17. We are so having a brunch whenever I'm coming over!
    Did I mention April?

  18. Wow this looks like so much fun! I'm a new DC resident and I've been wanting to find a group of girl bloggers! I am not sure if you're open to ever expanding your brunches but I'd love to meet up with you all when the next one comes around ;)
    xoxo, Shelby

  19. Thank you thank you for organizing!!! Can't wait for the next one!

  20. Oh how fun! such a great group of ladies! Its so encouraging to meet up with other bloggers!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  21. Where are the Mimosas??

  22. Oh how fun, can I come next time. and in Old Town too. Way fun!

  23. I just randomly came across your blog and saw this post, mad love for the DMV, I met Lisa from live journal awhile ago and she is a pure sweetie.



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