17 August 2011

The one with the strawberries.

food with quote

I think it started with the debut of Kinfolk, but lately I've been obsessed with food photography (all the pretty food photos on Pinterest are only adding fuel to the fire). I'm so inspired by the photography of ladies such as Linnea, Whitney, and Angela. In an effort to learn better technique and composition, I picked up Plate to Pixel this weekend.

I've been scouring food blogs as well. A few of my favorites are... 

Honey & Jam // smitten kitchen // the kitchen generation

I would love to hear if you have any food photography tips or what your favorite food blogs are. I'd like to add some more inspiration to my reader!

That is all.

PS - Aren't Katrina's latest photo templates gorgeous? She is so talented. :)

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  1. I need this book! Food photography is definitely some of my favorite.



  2. Love these too!



  3. I really love sprouted kitchen! It has THE BEST food photography!


  4. Some old ladies laughed at me for photographing the display of food at an exhibition I helped with tonight - but food is just so wonderfully photogenic! My favourite foodie blog is Whisk Kid (http://whisk-kid.blogspot.com). She's clever too.

  5. I just bought this book yesterday!!!! Great minds think a like :) Check out http://www.101cookbooks.com/

    Lovely recipes and photos!

  6. Smitten Kitchen is probably my favorite food blog. I've made so many of Deb's recipes and they are perfection. And her photography is really clean and beautiful!

  7. Ohhh, Smitten Kitchen. YUM. And I love Love & Olive Oil, too, though she hasn't updated much lately.

  8. Oh I am so obsessed with food! It's a dang good thing I don't have a pinterest yet.. it would be so full of food pins!

  9. Ooh I love Smitten Kitchen! Deb has the BEST layer cakes.
    Another favourite of mine is Joy the baker. She's awesome.

  10. I get into food photography sometimes, too! I actually posted a recipe today...I tend to instagram food a lot, too :-)

  11. hey ashley! i am so grateful for this post! have been working on gathering items to style food photography shoots for my upcoming online mag, and that book will be very inspirational! xo.

    ps: you MUST check out this blog: http://whatkatieate.blogspot.com/
    pps: be sure to check out all of the other food blogs she links to in her right sidebar. :)

  12. I'm beyond obsessed with food photography as well! I've learned that natural light is the best light, to perfect is not the best (what I mean is, a little bread crumbles, a little ooze from the stuffing, a little crack in the cookie always looks more delicious and real!), one of my favorite food blogs is http://cannelle-vanille.blogspot.com, and tastespotting
    I hope that helps, I am not an expert myself, but I like reading about our similar interests :) I recently started a blog with my best friend and we incorporated a food section, I want to improve my photography! wish me luck! I wish you luck!
    -Sandra Ponycat

  13. This is my favorite food blog!

  14. I just love that book Pixel to Plate, I am totally eye-ing it on Amazon right now and getting ready to chuck it in my cart and take it home :)

  15. Ashley, you wouldn't know this but tonight i'm cooking dinner and shouted to Sean that he "must" take snaps of it. baha! here's hoping they could turn out even a fraction of how amazing these folks have composed theirs and your strawberries too!!! food blogs are a passion for me too lades, i can't get enough. one of my faves is what katie ate, her photography is always inspiring.

    agreed, Katrina is awesome and adored! ♥

  16. Hi there! Well, I write a food blog and love it :) I'm undergoing a massive design reconstruction at the moment so it's not quite done. But I do tell stories about food and cook up a storm!

    There are several wonderful food blogs that I read as well:
    www.6bittersweets.com (Xiaolu's based in DC)

  17. Oh wow.... those photos are making me hungry! I looove food photography... it is such an art form! I love reading food blogs so thank you (and all the other people who wrote comments!) for the additional material to read.

    Also... love Katrina's new templates!! Might have to go buy those...

    Much love from London! x

  18. Joythebaker.com is AWESOME. She's funny too!

  19. Those strawberries look yummy! Never heard of these blogs but thanks for the heads up :)

  20. Hi there! I also love taking pictures of food. I am a big fan of : http://mynewroots.blogspot.com/

    I made the peaches and cream last night.

    And I really like Smitten Kitchen - I am making the banana nut bread soon!

    The one tip I've learned is natural light. I take all my photos in naturally light as much as possible, contrasting colors, like blueberries and bananas, and take as many photos in different angles.

    Pretty photos!

    Thanks for sharing the other blogs I wasn't familiar with them!


  21. I'm obsessed with food blogs, despite being the worst cook. Ever. ♥

  22. oh mishka does lots of lovely food posts on her blog! i am a bit of a foodie blog addict too :-) x

  23. i love smitten kitchen! i go there for a lot of baking recipes.

    you might like the blog "what katie ate" her pictures are gorgeous!


  24. Ashley, you are such a wealth of information! Now I'm dying to go see if I can find that Plate to Pixel book, and also now hooked on that Honey & Jam blog! Thanks for sharing! :)

  25. I'm a really picky eater but all these great food photos make me want to try new recipes!!!


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