15 July 2011

The one with the polka dot nails.

friday obsessions

First, I wanted to say how much I appreciated all the comments and emails in response to the friendship post. The making and tending of friendships as adults is very different, so it is a good thing to think about and discuss. :)

Now! Onto nails! 

Lately, I've been loving to wear nude polish on my fingers and a bold, punchy color on my toes.

butter london yummy mummy
butter LONDON Yummy Mummy/Artful Dodger

Anthropologie Sunglass Pouch

There is something sophisticated about nude nails, but clearly I'm 10 at heart so I added polka dots. It's actually very easy to do. My sister has this little tool from Ulta, but a toothpick will work as well.

orly dotter duo

Another way to spice up a nude manicure is a glitter top coat.

Don't feed the hand models
SEPHORA by OPI Don't Feed the Hand Models/High Maintenance/Traffic Stopper Copper


Lastly, you could always do a cool accent nail in a gold glitter. This one from Milani is awesome for packing on the glitter without requiring a lot of coats.

Deborah Lippmann Naked
Milani One Coat Glitter Gold Glitz
Deborah Lippmann Naked/Daytripper


This Deborah Lippmann color is my favorite nude polish. I think it suits my skintone the best. And...Domo hasn't made an appearance on the blog for a while, so there you go. ;)

That is all.


Congratulations, Sarah!! Email me your address, and I will get your butter LONDON polish to you. :)


  1. love the polka dots!

  2. Love it! I never do fun things with my nails and this makes me want to! :)

  3. I love your polishes and the way you paint your nails with all the fun combinations. we should do a nail polish swap!

  4. Love everything! I'm going to try the nude nail with gold accent in one! xo


  5. i really dislike that blogger isn't letting me know when you update your blog!

    ps. cute nails! love the color/dot combo!

  6. Your nails are so gorgeous in nude!! It doesn't flatter my skin tone at ALL but I love it on you!!

  7. I've been loving nude polish this summer too! OPI Malaysian Mist is the perfect pinky-nude shade for me. : )



  8. I love it! I enjoy rocking a nude nail as well. My favorite is is OPI's Barefoot in Barcelona, its a darker nude which matches my skintone better than most.

  9. Yippee! I can't believe I won! I'm so excited! :) Whoa exclamations!!!!

    The nude with the polka dots is perfect! After seeing that combo in the giveaway post I was hoping you would reveal which color you used! You've inspired me to try to use my Sally Hansen nail art pen again!

    The glitter accents are super cute as well. Thanks for all of the ideas -- and for the contest! <3

  10. Love it!! Glad to know polka-dots are easy, I might have to try that now! Love all your other choices too!

  11. That nude nail polish is KILLER. Such a good base coat to play around with. I want!

  12. ...sometimes I wish guys could paint their nails too. Or, I mean, I wish it was more acceptable.

  13. I LOVE that first picture! Could you please come to my house and paint my nails like that???

  14. I am in LOVE with the polka dot nails! I'm definitely giving them a try this weekend! xoxo Marissa


  15. Your nails are adorable and I fell in love with your polka dotted look instantly!!! :D

  16. Hey just found your blog and am your newest follower. Love the layout. Awesome photog skills. :)

  17. I love ANYTHING polka dot so you know I am loving your nails!

  18. I love OPI's Bubble Bath. It's super nude with a hint of warmth. Totally lovely.

    A Collection of Passions

  19. Loving the polka dots, too cute!

  20. I love nude nail polish, I always prefer it to brights, I need to get more really.

    Oh I took a photo for you at the weekend actually, Domo has come to the UK (and I still really have no idea what he is...)

  21. I really love the nude color! I normally don't paint my fingernails, but I think I'd like having nude polish.

    Speaking of polish, have you tried Essie? I bought a bottle in "turquoise & caicos", and it's beautiful! I haven't tried to polish yet, but I was wondering what your take on it was, if you've tried it.

  22. I love how much you love nail polish! This nude + glittery nails is a great idea. Going to try that today I think.


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