08 June 2011

The one with the sunglasses pouch.

This past weekend my cousin Jenny graduated high school. Each graduate was asked to decorate their own table with photos and memorabilia so people could walk around during the reception and get a quick snapshot of their school years. I had way too much fun helping out with the decorating of the poster board and decided that the table needed something extra...Enter the Bakerella's graduation candy pops.

Clearly these aren't quite up to the Bakerella's standards, but I'm happy with how they turned out. :)

reeses candy pops

Bakerellas Graduation Candy Pops

Here's what I wore to the graduation (also, did you see that you can now take an extra 25% off sale items from Anthro?? Kind of bummed that I could have gotten this skirt for even cheaper).

by the fountain

francescas necklace

seychelles shoes

flower anthro skirt2

francesca earrings

top & skirt: Anthropologie
necklace & earrings: Francesca's Collections
shoes: Seychelles



I usually take photos first thing in the morning, but the evening light is so soft and flattering. Those who love photography - do you have a favorite time of day to shoot?

Anthropologie Sunglass Pouch

UO sunglasses

new favorite: sunglasses pouch

I hope your week is going great so far & thanks for the kind comments on the makeup tutorial! Those things are so awkward to make, but I'm really glad some of you found it useful. :)

That is all.


  1. I love those little graduation pops. My sister graduates from high school next week...maybe I should make some, too :) That orange shirt is lovely. I love pairing orange and teal/turquoise. So fun for summer.

  2. Evening - usually from about an hour before sunset to about 30 minutes after the sun actually sets - is my absolute favorite time to take pictures.

  3. That outfit might be my favorite of yours yet. I absolutely love it! And the earrings, too! You're too adorable, seriously.

    P.S. I downloaded Cults, thank you <3

  4. I forgot to mention that I loved the make-up tutorial! Did you ever do the one where you wanted to emulate Adele's eye makeup?

  5. eep! I love the sunglasses holder. And those choc pops, yum. <3

  6. I am consistently in awe of your sense of stye. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. And that necklace is great! Also, those necklace pops seems pretty Bakerella-standard to me. They look spot-on!

  7. Those graduation pops are adorable! And I so need that sunglasses pouch! xoxo Marissa


  8. I absolutely LOVE your necklace! <3

  9. Amazing pictures! I love those cake pops, too adorable. And that necklace :)

  10. You always look so fantastic. I love the earrings.

  11. evening is the most lovely, the colors, light quality, love it. morning can be magical too if you're up with the sunrise, but that's alot of work, haha.

  12. Oh my gosh those graduation pops are amazing! I can't believe you made them!

  13. Just found your blog, so cute! K love your outfit, and that sun glass case is to DIE FOR! DARLING!

  14. Aw the sunglasses puch is soo cute! And I love your earrings and your skirt!
    Your blog is really beautiful!

  15. Those are such cute candy pops!! What a great idea :)

  16. Oh i LOVE your outfit!! Those colors are perfect! And how adorable are those candy pops?! Makes me want a reeses...

  17. Wow those graduation pops turned out brilliantly!

    And the sunglasses pouch is so cute. :)

    The Cat Hag

  18. Too much cuteness in one post! First, those pops turned out amazing! Second, that skirt looks fabulous on you! And third, that pouch! AHHH!

  19. Lovely! And really fantastic photos!

    Lola x

  20. Love the little grad cap pops! And Anthro is THE best!

  21. These photos are lovely!! You are so beautiful! And I want that clutch!!!!!! haha


  22. oh my, you look beautiful, that puch is amazing and I love the graudation pops. its almost too much in one post :)

  23. Those graduation caps are so cute, I could implode. Loving that darling skirt!

  24. those pops look great! (especially because i love peanut butter cups!)

    ah i hate it when things go on sale right after you buy them!

  25. Oh you look gorgeous..and your dress also looks awesome.Thanks a lot!!

  26. The graduation pops look great! And I love your outfit as well as the sunglasses case;)


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