09 May 2011

The one with the orange shoes.

Good morning, friends!

My weekend was incredibly full. It felt like I was always on the move, but, as much as I enjoy the relaxing Netflix & pj weekends, I had a ball. There was pie, mini roadtrips, visiting friends, movies, moms, getting yelled at by White House guards, and crafts.

I can't fit it all into one post so I will start with my Mother's Day outfit. Jer and I headed into D.C. yesterday morning to take photos of a visiting friend (photos coming!), while we were there he snapped a few photos of the outfit I was wearing.


Bow Sunglasses
These made me think of Srsly Liz!

Outfit post

H&M Navy Skirt

Francesca's Ring


((Also, I got a super random anon comment saying that they didn't think my husband existed. Haha! Maybe it was spam, but there he is if you doubted.))



Ah! I'm so obsessed with these shoes. I first saw them on Ashley (Ashley's represent!). Then Miss Kate looked amazing in the black color, so I gave in. They are such a fun color and really comfortable.

Sunglasses: UO
Ring: Francesca's Collections
Skirt & Tee: H&M

Ada and Heels
((Preview of things to come!))

I also worked on a little mother's day bouquet. I followed instructions in the latest Martha Stewart Living, but it was basically making mini versions of the large decorative pompoms and securing them with green pipe cleaners - cute, right?

FYI - crafting is always more enjoyable if you can find a BBC movie staring Hugh Dancy to watch.

Hugh Dancy

Martha Stewart Tissue Posies

Abraham Lincoln Quote

After the rainy morning in the District, I got to spend all afternoon with my mom. She has really gotten into makeup lately, so she is a lot of fun to shop for. :) And isn't that Abe Lincoln quote perfect? That man said some pretty great things in his lifetime. I agree with every word of that sentiment. I love you, Mom!

That is all.


  1. This outfit is beautiful, Ashley. The scarf and the shoes and the earring and the detail on the blouse - everything is just perfect. I am glad you had a lovely weekend!



  2. Oh I love orange - those shoes are great! I also love your flower bouquet. I am going to have to try one of those. Looks like it is going to be a lovely week in NoVa - enjoy the weather!

  3. Love the orange! It makes the whole outfit pop.

    I think it's hilarious that someone thought your husband didn't exist. Who do they think takes all of those fabulous photos of you!?

  4. The orange is gorgeous. Your pictures are always so, so fabulous. I must get to DC so we can gallivant around together. The flower pompom bouquet is lovely. I'll have to try that!

  5. oh my, I love everything, the glasses, the shoes, the umbrella and that scarf is soooo pretty! Wow!!!

  6. That Umbrella...O.M.G!! In Love <3

  7. you're definitely right - netflix/pj weekends are amazing, but sometimes it's better to get out! looks like a nice weekend - and love your pretty outfit!

  8. That outfit is adorable! I love it!

  9. lovely pair of shoes :)

  10. You always have the cutest outfits, Ashley! & I love those sunglasses :)

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  12. Oh my the glasses are so amazing! :D

  13. Love your ring! And I adore the little bouquet you made for your mum! So sweet! Glad you had a lovely weekend!

  14. Hi, I'm stopping by from Where My Heart Resides. I loved your St. Lucia pictures!!

  15. You look so lovely! And that Abe Lincoln quote has always been one of my favs:)

  16. Stop it! You want me to have a heart attack?! Too much goodness in one single post!
    The close-up of your face? Supercute.
    The shot of Ada next to you? I die.
    Your imaginary husband? Cool!
    Hugh Dancy? L O V E

  17. LOVE your shoes and outfit! looks like a lovely weekend :) great pictures...have s wonderful week!

  18. Your blog is SO much fun to read!

  19. I love the shoes, the umbrealla, and the whole outfit!

  20. Oh my gosh I love those sunglasses! And I have those shoes in gray, so cute! The red is such a fun pop of color.

  21. so i'm reading your blog...
    -omg cute sunglasses
    -love her scarf
    -omg the whole outfit CUTE
    -eeek shirt close up! love it, wonder where she got it
    -shoes close up.....SO PRETTY....

    yup, those are my thoughts as i was reading your blog, lol.

    so basically, i love everything!!

  22. What a beautiful outfit! And I totally love those shoes too!

    Beautiful flower arranging by the way! The quote was just adorable!

    Girl about Town XxX

  23. i think this is my favorite outfit post ever! super cute. was just at dsw over the weekend and picked up some comfortable (read: boring) sandals. i think i might need to trade them in for some like yours...

  24. love these photos so much


  25. I honestly can't decide what part of your outfit is my favorite.
    It all goes together so well and I just love it! The skirt, shoes (!), and sunglasses.
    It's all fabulous.

    I want to hear about you getting yelled at by White House guards! lol! I don't understand who could yell at you, though.

  26. beautiful pics! Love the shoes! love it all :)

  27. Yet another expertly put-together and photographed outfit! I love your unexpected pops of color and the way you accessorize outfits. You are gorgeous! Loving that giant ring - my bestie just flew in from PA and brought me a similar one :) And that scarf...MAGICAL.

  28. Oh wow I LOVE your sunglasses, shoes, and umbrella. Fantastic :)

  29. First, Ada!!! Second, cool yellow iphone case. Third, sweet shoes (yes some guys notice girls shoes). Fourth, Netflix is AWESOME. Currently watching Newsradio, The Andromeda Strain, Larry Sanders Show and yes I'm watching Beauty and the Beast starring Linda Hamilton lol

  30. oh and I forgot to add that Orange is my favourite color

  31. Well hello fashionista! I love the outfit. You look so chic! And I love the photos too. What camera are you using? =)

  32. I don't think I can say "cute" and "adorable" enough. So I'll just say this: I have style envy.

    The end.

  33. You look gorgeous!

  34. You look adorable! And your handwriting is perfect.


  35. nice pics, and you look adorable stylish. nice colors

  36. Great pics! Love the scarf, love the midi skirt and love the shoes! Very cute look. :)

  37. i first saw them on ashley's too. you're right - they're awesome. and i'm not even a shoe person either.

  38. AH! I saw those on Ashley's bloggy, too. LOVE them. WANT them.

    hmmm...how, oh how, can I justify this purchase ???

    You can get back to me on that :)

  39. love the longer length of your skirt and the shoes are fantastic!


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