30 May 2011

The one with the hair feathers.

How is everyone's long weekend going? 

I have been spending a lot of time exploring Middleburg (they have a tiny, but cute farmers market on Saturdays), watching Parks & Recreation, and clearing out my closet...


Middleburg Farmers Market

Hair Feather Accents

Blue Flower

Nails inspired by this lovely manicure.

Filled up my Baggu with a ton of fresh kale and spinach for all my smoothies.

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses

Market Salamander
And I think Jer and I have decided to become regulars at Market Salamander. I can't stop thinking about their home fries!

The majority of my weekend has been spent in my closet (which I don't even recognize any more!). I want to say thank you to Tiffany for emailing me about getbuttonedup.com. This is such a great resource for goals of any kind. I downloaded this sheet and have already completed the first two tasks...

Free Printable Goal Setting Form Template

I think clearing out clutter is addictive - once I got started, I didn't want to stop! I also think it is catching. Jer even got in on the action and removed an ungodly number of khaki pants from the closet. ;)

Lastly, I'd like to announce the winner of the Christina Nicole giveaway...


Hooray! MJ, please email me at ashley.miracle{at}gmail.com with your address. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!

That is all.


  1. wow loving that little graph for cleaning out the closet

  2. That graph is amazing! And I'm with you on the clutter - my husband and I will be moving next year and if we have all this crap it's going to be a nightmare. Thanks for the inspiration, m'lady!

  3. Hair feathers are EVERYWHERE lately. Everyone shopping at my mall lately has them on - even old ladies! Only the hip ones, obviously.

    That graph is giving me a heart attack. My closet needs help.

  4. Maybe you could offer some of your items for sale through the blog. ;)

    I love that graph. I may have to try something like that.

  5. I just learned about Buttoned Up the other day! I really like all their organization templates!! I, too, have been spending a lot of time in my closet (well, my whole entire apartment) downsizing & getting rid of things that I don't "love" anymore! It's a great feeling to de-clutter!!!

  6. WOW your manicure's the cutest, I'm definitely in love with your smile and so proud of your wardrobe detox list!!!!! How has it been going so far?

  7. That graph is going to be oh so useful for my closet!! it definitely needs to be cleaned :P Have a great week!

  8. Beautiful pictures, as always! I really want to create that manicure on myself, too - what colors/brands of nail polish did you use? I'm going out to hunt for some tomorrow! :)

  9. The hair feathers look fabulous! I need to try them. I am also a firm believer that sparkly nail polish is always a win. =)

  10. i've been cleaning out my closet at a snail's pace but it does feel good to get rid the old (if only to make room for the new!)

    p.s. i saw gorgeous sparkly nail polish at UO yesterday and didn't get it. i'm now kicking myself for it. i'm probably going to go back!

  11. Cleaning is so addicting, and I love how you stayed organized with your graph! Such a cute idea! I need to clean out my closet soon, so this is a great tool.


  12. Buttoned Up sounds SO COOL! I may have to give it a try!

  13. Love that closet graphic! I need something like to that help with mine. Hair feathers are so pretty!

  14. Wow, I'm so impressed by your system and your motivation to simplify your life!

    I'm moving into a condo in the next few weeks so I'll be doing some simplifying myself!

    Love the hair feather :)

  15. The feathers in your hair are super cute!! I'm thinking about getting one. I love the style of your photos :)

  16. oooh i love all those pictures. Oh and hair feathers are just soooo adorable aren't they?! =)

  17. What I said the other day stands. You're the cutest, most together person everrrrr. LOVE the nails & that ring!

  18. I want hair feathers! And I love Get Buttoned Up, thanks for the heads up :) Love your blog lady x

  19. I agree that decluttering is addictive. That's a good thing, too, because clutter just seems to multiply like weeds!

  20. loving your feather extension!!

  21. Hey, I thought of you today! I went to the mall here and what did I find?! Francesca's Closet! I remember you recently shopped there and I had never heard of it. There are so many pretty things in there!

    Now maybe I need to make some room in my closet. It's a never-ending cycle! :)

  22. hi Ashley,

    you are such a real living doll! your blog is a beaut and i adore this farmers market post total. we haven't had the best weather lately, so i'm dying for our summer markets to get the green light and start up. what a blast the day looks like and all your photos rock girl!!!

    but when i saw your blinged out chiclets i was delighted, just discovered this polish myself and have been wearing it daily since. love to the love it, yours are uber pretty too.

    the closet clear out needs to happen for me soon, you've inspired me to get er done and provided just the right tool to help! thanks a bunch, it's been a pleasure strolling around your lovely space. ♥

  23. Those hair feathers are so pretty! I love a good wardrobe clean out. De-cluttering always feels SO good!

    Katie x

  24. I went to Market Salamander (and Middleburg) for the first time a few months ago for a political event. It is such a cute little place. The owner is great too. I really need to get around to going there for lunch one of these Saturdays.

  25. Looove it!!!

    New lovely post on my blog: Vacation finally came!!! http://therubberdoll.com/vacation-finally-came/

    Kisses from pepa:X

  26. That graph is going to be oh so useful for my closet!! it definitely needs to be cleaned :P Have a great week!


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