16 May 2011

The one with the green domo.

Weekend Morning

Hello, hello!

I had a wonderful weekend despite the rain and humidity. On Saturday I discovered the most amazing gardens in Georgetown thanks to a fellow metro area blogger (more on this in Wednesday's post!).

Yesterday Jer and I had breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in Alexandria. It was so, so good! I will definitely be going back and ordering the Agave Strawberry French Toast again. mmm...

Founders Park

NY&Co Black and White Dress

H&M Fuschia Sandals
Sandals - H&M (I love this color so much! They also came in black and a neutral, I think.)

Domo in a tree

UO Cat Sunglasses

OPI Silver Shatter
Finally testing out OPI's Silver Shatter. I used it over OPI's Black Onyx

Ruche Ring
Ring - Ruche

Le Pain Quotidien

Mint Lemonade


Domo Domo

Agave French Toast

Window Pane

What about you? What were you up to this weekend?

Oh! And I started Bossypants last night. Thanks to everyone who recommended it - so funny already!

That is all.


  1. Your dress and sandals look so perfect together, I just love the look! I will definitely have to try Le Pain Quotidien someday. Enjoy Bossypants - I just finished it and it was so, so funny.


  2. LOVE that dress!! i have one with a similar pattern. so pretty.
    and i love the shatter polish!! these are the moments i'm sad that i have gel nails and i cant play with o.p.i. colours :(


  3. Oh my! I thought I was the only Domo crazed ginger girl in the universe! Love the dress!


  4. Mmmm...that french toast looks to die for. I will have to check that out :) I love brunch! Too bad it was so humid here this past weekend. Humid and my hair do not mix! The forecast looks like rain this week, but maybe it will hold off!

  5. I went to the MD Faerie Festival (which I will be blogging abotu later today). It was a blast! Glad you had a great weekend too, and I can't wait to read about the park!

  6. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! That nail polish is SO FUN! Love the crackle effect.

  7. Those purple sandals are way too beautiful! I wish webhad an H&M here in Houston! It's so frustrating at times! Have great day! :)

  8. Your sandals are SUPERcuuuute!!!!!!!

  9. I love your sandals! That color is so vibrant!

  10. I love those sandals too! ...super fun and summery. and you so just made me hungry for a good brunch! xx

  11. My weekend was packed with: packing( moving to a new place in two weeks!!, reading The Paris Wife, watching movies, making udon soup and drinking lots fresh juice. I think your weekend was far more exciting then mine.

  12. Hi Ashley! Can I just say, you're my new fav blogger! I can't get enough of your posts! I just keep reading your old posts and love your style! I'm a big fan of makeup tutorials...would love to see more of that!

    This weekend I actually thought of you because my nephew (he's 3) was sporting a Domo shirt. :) I was spending time with my parents this weekend and shopping. Always fun!

    I just heard about that book Bossypants. Let us know how that goes!

  13. I love your nails! I wonder if they'll come out with a gold one.

    I will have to add Bossypants to my TR list. After Cutting for Stone and Dracula, I will need something a little on the lighter side.

    You will not believe the weekend I've had -3 book clubs! I'm crazy, I know.

    I miss you; I'm thinking you, me, and Francesca's soon?

  14. I can't wait to try that nailpolish! Read Bossypants in Greece, LOVED it! Have you read The Help? Read that in Greece as well and couldn't put it down!

  15. Ahhh...Founder's Park, I have fond memories! My high school boyfriend and I went there the morning after prom to watch the sunrise...very sweet. And, I love the silver shatter over the black...I may need to try this combo soon. :)

  16. I just found your blog and I love it! I'm a fellow DC/Northern VA blogger as well!

  17. What a pretty, pretty morning! And delicious too. : )



  18. My mouth is watering over that French toast. O.M.G.

  19. You are too cute! :) Any weekend that includes brunch makes it instantly fabulous!

    I'm thinking I need to check out Bossy Pants... I've only heard good things about it!

  20. Aww your shatter nail polish kind of matches your dress! So cute. I need to pick up that polish ASAP. I also love how your black toe nails contrast the awesome vibrant purple of your sandals.

    I don't travel into Alexandria often but I'm gonna have to to try out Le Pain Quotidien. It looks so cute and yummy!

  21. You are so, so cute. Love it.

  22. ummm that ring is pretty darn amazing.

  23. that nailpolish is sick! looks so awesome!

    oh and the food looks amazing...

    and hello cute sandals!

  24. Those sandals are amazing. I love H&M, but sadly there isn't one anywhere near where I live! :(

  25. oh i LOVE all these pictures. seriously, if someone could give me areason to move to va or dc or that area i would faster than they could ask me!

  26. Love those shoes :-)

    Saw the latest play being put on by the Hub Theater in Fairfax (so interesting), got pie in Round Hill thanks to you (!), and hung out with friends and saw Bridesmaids. Awesome weekend surrounded by good peeps.

  27. your photos amazing :) i followed x

  28. Green Domo! Is that a mojito I see???

  29. I love this! I felt so relaxed after looking at these gorgeous photos! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  30. Your sandals are the funnest! So cute!
    And I love that you change up your manicure alot! I need to be better about that haha!

  31. I really love your jewelry. You always have such unique, stunning pieces.

  32. The silver shatter looks amazing! Did you know they're coming out with red and white shatter also?! I gotta get my hands on them.

    That breakfast place looks amazing.


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