18 May 2011

The one where I explore a garden.

Garden Title

This is definitely one of my favorite VA is for Lovers posts so far. Dumbarton Oaks is an old mansion located in Georgetown that was transformed into a garden and landscaping learning facility for Harvard University.

It was chilly and rainy when we were there on Saturday - not the best time to traipse around gardens, right? I was a little put off by the rain, but it actually made the experience even better.

With the light mist and overcast day, you could forget yourself and think that you walked straight into a Jane Austen novel. (This daydream was probably encouraged by the attractive, older British gentleman pointing out different types of roses in a lovely accent to his wife.)

Dumbarton Oaks Gardens


yellow flower

Urban Outfitters Top

in the orangery

It was a really casual day so I wore my favorite wide leg jeans from NY&Co with a top and sweater from UO. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this top - I think racer back tees are so flattering.



rose garden


closed bloom

Owl Necklace


This manicure was inspired by an outfit post on Maie Dae. She is seriously too cute. :)


Blowfish Shoes

We ended up walking for a few hours through the gardens and then Georgetown before we got completely rained out. I'm happy to say that my feet didn't do any complaining in my Blowfish shoes. (Although, I don't recommend trying to navigate the pebble garden in them...) ;)

weird trees

Tall grass

I can't tell you the number of times I have either walked or driven past this neighborhood, not knowing these amazing gardens were right there! It wasn't until I saw this Mother's Day post from The Anthology that I found out it existed - so thank you, Emily!

This is actually a perfect example of how to find adventures in your own town - follow bloggers from your area! I wrote a guest post on Monday for Holly, sharing my tips for discovering fun places wherever you live. If you are interested in reading that click here.

I hope each one of you is having a wonderful week. I'm feeling a little behind on life, so I'm going to grab another cup of coffee and make a list. :)

That is all.


  1. I love the close up pictures of the flowers - lovely! What setting did you use? On my Nikon, I usually use go with the scene setting for close up. I will have to take a trip to Dumbarton Oaks :) Also, try Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna. The tulips are beautiful there.

  2. I want to go to there! :)

    What an absolutely gorgeous place! And the perfect location for a photo shoot. How fun would it be to do wedding or engagement photos at that mansion amongst the flowers?

    Beautiful photos Ashley!

  3. Looks like a really beautiful day! I love grand gardens xx

  4. soo pretty! those flower photos are fantastic.

    I'm going to read your guest post too...I have lived in my town for so long that I have to really make an effort to keep "discovering" but when I do there is always a good surprise waiting!

  5. i am uber jealous. we're still getting cold weather, so no flowers yet.
    and lovin the nails!! :)

  6. These garden pictures are so beautiful!! Especially those close ups of the flowers! Gorgeous!!! You're right, the rain definitely added an extra flare to your day and these photos!!
    p.s I'm diggin' the wide leg jeans! I need a pair ASAP!

  7. Such beautiful shots, Ashley!

  8. These gardens look absolutely beautiful :) I love magical places like this. You have got some fabulous hair too, by the way! Hooray for gingers! ^^ x

  9. What a beautiful area you discovered! I totally agree on following bloggers that are in your same area! I've learned some new things about Seattle & Portland because I follow local bloggers! :)

  10. love the rose photo. those colors are insane. also, who manages to look this good on a RAINY saturday!?! puts my go-to jeans and a t-shirt to shame :)

  11. Magical!!! Makes me think of one of my favorite books as a kid - the secret garden.

    & I love your outfit (especially the nail polish) ;)

  12. Beautiful!! This series always makes we want to visit Virgina. Some day.... ;)

  13. Girl you take some really great pictures!

  14. Oh my....this place is so dreamy!! Lucky girl... I'd love to spend a few hours there!
    You took some AMAZING photos!

  15. what a dreamy place. wowza.

  16. It looks so cool! I love the photos too, great eye.

  17. Those close ups are just breath-taking! What sort of lens do you use for them? And what kind of camera do you have? I always love your photos.



  18. Amazing photos! Love those nails!

  19. I just stumbled across your blog..and LOVE! Beautiful pictures. Seriously.

    Delighted Momma

  20. amazing shots. i love the second one and those of your smile.

  21. Gorgeous!! I love that third photo - absolutely beautiful. It sounds like such a perfect day!

  22. I'm not normally a fan of wedges but those shoes are gorgeous! Lovely photos as always :)

  23. It seems like such a beautiful, peaceful place. I love all of your pics, too! And your wedges are super cute:) xx

  24. Your photography is beautiful! And I really dig your style :) I'm your newest follower!

  25. Wow! you sure are the cats meow! I love everything about this post. Hello! I am so excited I found your blog today! I can't wait to go back and read your older post! I also love that you call yourself a natural ginger! hehe I would be honored if you would visit my blog and tell me what you think! I am also having a giveaway that you might like!

    Thank you!


  26. Such beautiful pictures. This looks like an amazing little oasis in the middle of the city. Glad that you found it!

  27. Oh this is so pretty! It looks like you had a great time. I really love those blowfish shoes, and I like what you styled them with!
    I have the same blog layout and I think it's so pretty! Go Pugly Pixel!

  28. AH! that flower/dew drop photo is magical.

  29. Beautiful pictures! I just came across your blog for the first time and it is gorgeous :) Have a wonderful Friday.

  30. loving those nails!!

  31. These photos are stunning! I love finding secret beautiful places tucked away in unassuming spots :) We have a good handful of those in Phoenix I should probably photograph.

    Loving your top/platforms! Perfect combo together.

  32. Great, great pics! The close ups of the flowers & rain drops are gorgeous! And so are you! :)

  33. You're photos are always gorgeous but these are particularly amazing, especially that close up with the rain drops. So beautiful.

    Katie x

  34. oh yum, yum, i could eat this all up! love the photos and love the jeans (i really dig ny and co). keep blogging my friend, what a breath of air it is.

  35. Such a beautiful place! And your photos are gorgeous. Thanks for the introduction: MaieDae's a new fave of mine!

  36. oh my...the macro flower shots...love!


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