13 April 2011

The one with my friend Linnea.

Welcome to the second installment on Bless This Nest (find the first here). Today, I am handing over That is All to one of my dearest blog friends, Linnea. She is a bright beacon of positivity, creativity, and conscious living in the blogging community. She is also the perfect example of being happy now, not at some magical time in the future, but I won't steal her thunder - read on! :)


Hello dear TIA readers!  Ashley invited me to write a guest post on being away from your significant other and still making a happy home for yourself.  Last summer I moved from Washington (where my boyfriend, Zachary, lives), to the unknown (to me) state of Texas!  When my job transferred me here, I knew I would have to create a second home for myself... not a secondary one, but one where I could live, eat, and wake up happy in.  I'm going to share a few things which have helped me make a home and keep a happy heart while being miles away from the one I love.


1.  Create a space that you will be happy to come home to.  For me, this means filling my apartment with memories and colors (pink, yellow, and green!) that radiate joy.  I love keeping collections of photographs in places I will see often.  Hello, fridge door!  Paired with open spaces, I also think it's nice to stash memories in hidden places - like the card I keep inside the cover of my planner.  Sweet reminders!  Home is my point of balance and comfort.  When I'm at home, I want to feel relaxed and comfortable.  I love being around familiar things... these orchids remind me of a typical Swedish windowsill, and a pillowy couch... what could be more comfy than that?!



2.  Pair pretty decorations with a happy attitude.  One of the best ways for me to connect attitude with my environment is through simple caring routines.  Think maintenance, but with more soul.  No matter whether I am in Washington, or Texas, I know that it is vital I take care of, enjoy, and invest in myself and the space around me.  My favorite ways to take care of myself are through running, eating well, and painting my nails hot pink on Fridays.  My favorite cleaning routine is tidying up the kitchen before I go to bed (I got this from Zac, because embarrassingly enough, I used to be a leave-my-dishes-in-the-sink kind of girl).  Tidying up also reminds me of my sweet mother, and I love that.  


3.  Go on adventures and dream big!  I keep a collection of things I would like to do, like find a farm and go berry picking, and eat bibimbap at a Korean restaurant.  Some things I can do by myself, but others (like eating a giant-sized baseball game hotdog) are best done shared... so I save those for us to do together!  A project I have been working on recently is starting a photography business.  My dream is to become a full-time wedding photographer when I move back to Washington next year.  The chance I have to make this dream real motivates me!


4.  Have little and big things to look forward to!  Whether it is a phone call, the promise of a non-robotic sounding skype session, or a trip, these can all be anticipated and celebrated!  When looking forward is nestled side-by-side with a thankful heart, I know I'm in a good place.  


That is all.

* Home Sweet Home graphic & masking tape purchased from Jessica Sprague


  1. Linnea, I love your attitude! It's food for though, for sure. And your home is delightful.

  2. Anonymous4/13/2011

    I love your tip to keep memories in surprising places. I'm working on a bulletin board in my office today, so this is really inspiring. Thanks! :)

    - Kimberly

  3. What a lovely guest post! I really enjoyed reading it, thank you guys :)

  4. Lareese4/13/2011

    Nice post, Linnea! Even though I try to keep a tidy house all the time, the kitchen usually is in disarray when I leave for school & work in the mornings. I will try tidying up the night before too. Love the picture of the sandwich...pretty and healthy...that is perfect!

    A guest blogger - Nice touch, Ash.

  5. Aw, so cool! I recently learned to love doing the dishes at night & weird as this sounds I loooove cleaning my bathroom on Saturdays, like DEEP clean. I'm insane. Also, I recently had a window seat put in {thanks dad} & that is now my most favorite place in the house. =) It's the little things.

  6. Linnea...I was so surprised and excited when I saw you were the star guest blogger! Wonderful post and I hope to see you in Portland soon!! xoxo

  7. How lovely :)
    Yes to happy place to come home to!

  8. Great post! I can relate to this one especially because my bf & I live in separate cities. Yay for you for creating a happy space to come home to every day!

  9. I LOVE your take on making yourself happy while your significant other is away! Having my boyfriend away at college from me is not ideal but it has made us SO much stronger! I love reading your photography blog Linnea it is always soo joyful and I leave your blog feeling like i'm organized and refreshed just from reading!

  10. This would have proven so useful back when an ex and I lived thousands of miles away. I can say Linnea's apartment always is the cheeriest place in the planet :)

  11. What a beautiful living space!!!


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