22 April 2011

The one with a makeup tutorial.

Wow! So I definitely didn't realize how much work goes into making a video tutorial like this. I have so much respect for the youtube beauty crew that puts out multiple videos a week.

Sorry that you missed out on the eyeliner piece - it was about 1 minute of my eyebrow bopping up and down. :) If I ever do another tutorial, I will practice that part.

So as promised, here are photos of how the drugstore alternatives compare to what I actually used.

Benefit vs NYX

Stila vs Wet & Wild

Stila and NYX Glitter Eye Liner

Like I mentioned in the video the NYX glitter liner is definitely not the same color as the Stila one, but it will help you achieve the same look for a fraction of the price.

And here is the finished look!

Finished Look with Border

So, what do you think? Could you see yourself wearing this look? 

Thanks for watching! :)

That is all.

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  1. I love this vlog! The look is completely wearable, I am definitely going to try it out. And you are so cute.



    P.S. Your video looks SO much better than mine. I tried to use a web cam, but I think I will redo it when I can get a tripod and do it right. : )

  2. i like your video, a lot. i hardly ever wear eye shadow (mostly because i dont know how to apply it right) but you made it look really easy!

  3. You should do more videos; the image quality and your confidence on camera is totally appealing. Not to mention you look beautiful! Great tutorial. <3

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, Ashley. I am going to have to try it out - and get that Wet N Wild pallet. I have had good luck with that brand recently. I recently found the big pallet with the eye shadows in blues and purples (cannot get my hands on the green yet), and I love it. The smaller pallet called Walking on Eggshells is nice, too. It offers a more neutral eye.

  5. you did great for your first tutorial. i do a look similar to this on the weekends too =)

  6. This is so beautifully done Ashley!! Amazing work, whatever camera you're using shoots beautiful video- and you're so natural! Love this :)

  7. OH MY GAGA MARRY ME!!!!!!!!
    You're seriously too cute for words!!!!!

  8. You are the cutest ever.
    Love the vlog!

  9. I love this tutorial - so cute!! I love wearing makeup and would really like to play my eyes up more, but always feel like I don't know how - this is a great help and I can't wait to try it out. I'm always curious to see what makeup brands everyone else likes, too - I loved seeing the types of makeup you used, and was really excited to see that you found drugstore and "gourmet" (as I like to call the fancy brands) options. I have to ask what you use for foundation? I'm most curious about foundation and mascara. :)

  10. Tried this look today! and i must admit my eyes were looking pretty foxy! haha. Thank you for this cute tutorial!!!

  11. Ashley you are too cute! Loved the tutorial ;) You're so artsy - I love it!

  12. need gold glitter liner NOW!

  13. please come do my make up every morning before work :)

  14. this is definitely the best make up tutorial i've ever seen! so informative, and i love the added pictures of the products you've used. anxious to try out this look today, although i'm kicking myself for not having some liquid liner OR some glitter liner!! (a trip to the drug store perhaps?)

    keep them coming!!

  15. STILA is so great...amazing tutorial! LOVE!
    Kristina J.

  16. So happy to discover your blog, thanks for your sweet comments on mine! I love this look, and as a ginger girl myself, I want to go out and buy it right now! :)

  17. Cute blog.. i love it please follow mine http://britters89.blogspot.com/

  18. I loved this video, Ashley!! I had never seen anyone do the "outer v" before, so I'm really excited to try that. I love how you blended it. So natural and fresh! Really great tutorial :o) I consider you a makeup guru!

  19. Great tutorial!! Thank you so much. I could definitely see myself doing this!


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