11 March 2011

The one with the donuts.

more donuts

Very excited that so many of you entered the giveaway! Once I pick the winner, I'm going to expect some cool Diana's of Domo. :) (haven't entered yet? click here.)

Just some randomness for your Friday...

♥ I don't like sweets for breakfast. I'm a bagel girl, but last weekend Jer convinced me that we needed donuts.
♥ I have never dyed my hair.
♥ My first car was a Toyota RAV4 (I'm still driving it today).
♥ I completely wiped out going down the stairwell at work a couple of months ago. I still feel uneasy about wearing super tall heels.


♥ Lipgloss and sprinkles don't go together.
♥ I love self-help books (I know...).
♥ I recently started using BB Cream (Beblesh Balm)and am loving it. I may do a full review on it soon.
♥ La Dolce DC (a celebration of all things Italian) is currently going on here. I'm hoping to enjoy some of the events this weekend.


What are your plans for the weekend?

That is all.


  1. I like self-help books, too ;) You are definitely not alone in that! I think the weather is supposed to be nicer our this weekend, so I hope to play around with my new Nikon and tripod. And maybe check out La Dolce DC - thanks for the tip!

  2. That donut looks so good. I'm not usually a sweets in the morning person, but now I'm craving one.

  3. You posts are so pretty.


  4. The lip gloss + sprinkles made me laugh. You're so cute! Also, no hair dye?! Jealousies!

  5. tell me what nail polish you are wearing IMMEDIATELY! I am OBSESSED!
    and you're adorable :)

  6. God knows the color hair that best suits us. His look is our best look :) Some people try to get red hair from a bottle and it just isn't the same ;)

  7. I don't like sweets for breakfast either but those look seriously delicious.

  8. That photo of you is so precious!!!
    This week-end I'm going to wear my new dress and drink coffee with friends.
    Have a beautiful week-end Ashley!

  9. I'm not even a donut person, but those look delicious!

    p.s. and don't ever dye your hair either, it's gorgeous! Yay for redheads! :)

  10. Yum! Those look sooo good. This weekend I'm attending a fashion blogger conference in Austin, woot!

  11. I recently watched a show on TV called "Donut Paradise" and have been craving some ever since! Luckily, my favorite health spot here in town just started serving vegan donuts. Can't wait to check them out now!!

    (p.s. i'm super uncomfortable in high heels)
    happy weekend!!!
    x.o. Mattie

  12. Holy crap you have a lot of entries in your giveaway, which is great for you, but my odds are slowly dwindling! Ha- I'm just desperate for those goodies!

    Also? Your donut pictures are making me so hungry. I love sprinkles so hard!

  13. After leaving that last comment, I got to work and my boyfriend, Luke, stopped by with a vegan donut!!! Haha! Love it. I'll have to instagram you a pic later. ;)

  14. Aww the sprinkles stuck on your lips is so cute and silly haha. I can spend hours in the self-help section of the bookstore, it's my favorite! Have a great weekend! I'm going to be broin' out at Shamrock Fest.

  15. I love donuts 15 pounds too much. Oh dear.


  16. This is so funny and random because just the other day I was sitting at work and I blurted out loud, "I could really use a donut right now" and my coworker said, "ME TOO!" and I have been craving one ever since!

  17. Mmm donuts! Sometimes breaking down and having sweets for breakfast is the way to go:)
    Happy weekending!

  18. (a) omg i need a donut in my life asap!
    (b) don't ever dye your hair, it's the prettiest shade of red ever!

  19. I'm more of a bagel girl too. I just feel weird eating doughnuts for breakfast for some reason.

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  21. I found you through the giveaway that someone else posted about, and I've been going through your posts. I've spent so long looking at it because of all of your insane product recommendations. I mean, the planner you use, the nail polish organizer, and the journal that you tear apart. I'm in love with your posting style and content! SO SO glad I found you thanks to the giveaway!!

  22. Sometimes one needs donuts with sprinkles. =) Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.

  23. Hooooray Toyotas! I drove a Camry as my first car then had an old Lexus for a bit. I drive an Element now but I still lurve the Toyota brand and almost everything they make.

    I hate sweets for breakfast...but I gotta go for a donut every now and again. It's literally been months since I've had one!

    You're beautiful :) Loving your nails and jewelry as usual. And I'm so happy you've never dyed your hair! Clearly, it's perfect as is!

  24. this pleases me greatly, as i love donuts.

    but you already knew this.

    secret agent l


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