23 February 2011

The one with some window shopping.

For new readers, one of the series on That is all is called VA is for Lovers. Basically I live in a perfect little town. If I turn left out on the main street, I end up in the country, surrounded by mountains. If I turn right (and sit in a lot of traffic), I end up in Washington, D.C.

This series gives me a reason to grab my camera and explore Virginia and the surrounding areas in Maryland and DC. (Although my secret desire is to convince by blog friends how awesome it is - come visit me!!)

This weekend my friend, Ashley, and I trekked out to Georgetown. We were a little windblown, but the brunch we had completely made up for it.

lemon pancakes
Oh my gosh - lemon pancakes! So good.
happy birthday manicure
I was sporting my "happy birthday" manicure, which I started obsessing over after reading Katrina's post.
kate spade
Georgetown is the perfect spot for some great window shopping.
As spring is slowly starting to show herself, I hope you can get out and explore some treasures in your town.

Happy Wednesday!
That is all.


  1. Georgetown is so fun - I have not been in ages. I have been wanting to go, but the weather has put me off. Hopefully in the spring! Perhaps I might even score myself a good fake bag ;)

  2. ok, you've convinced me to move ;D the question is, can I please LIVE in Georgetown?? jk

    and you know I'd be hanging out with you two Ashleys! :)

  3. Anthropologie + Kate Spade + Lemon Pancakes + Party Nails = Booking my tickets RIGHT NOW.

  4. I've never been here, but I am now convinced that this IS the perfect town! Seriously, could these pictures be any cuter?!? And what a great idea for a series "VA is for lovers"... genius!

  5. Oh that looks like a beautiful place to visit! :)

  6. The next time I am in North Carolina visiting my parents I plan on stealing their car to take a mini road trip to you neck of the woods. Also, I am very jealous of your nail polish. I have been drooling over it since Katrina posted it.

  7. such gorgeous shots. I really want to visit now!!

  8. You do live in a perfect little town! Good food, adorable buildings, and an Anthropology? Heaven.

  9. I love the way that building is painted with the geometric patterns!

    Great photos! :)

  10. I need those nails!!! I love your photographs. So crisp and clear. x.o.

  11. Really awesome pictures!

  12. Wow...I honestly have to say that your journal is one of my all-time favorites. It is so beautifully-written with such vivid, amazing photographs...thank you for sharing this with us!

  13. That anthropologie really does make your town look quaint, but don't we know that anthropologie would never be in a quaint town. love this series!

    little girl in the big world

  14. Absolutely awesome post about Georgetown! Katie and I go to Georgetown at least twice a month, sometimes once a week (even though we live up in Frederick). It's our favorite place in DC, and probably our favorite place in the entire DC metro area... if only we could afford to live there!

    Looking forward to more of your "VA is for lovers" series


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