17 December 2010

The one with the cooking class

Hi, friends.

It feels like so long since I've posted. This time of year loves to steal all our time, right?

We had a teeny snow storm yesterday that was just bad enough to ruin my evening plans. I was able to fill that time, though, with a Netflix movie and some overdue photo editing.

Last weekend my mom and I took a cooking class at Sur la Table. I can't remember the last Saturday afternoon I had so much fun (and such yummy desserts).

at Sur la table

Excited for cooking class!

Pretty Mommy

Getting started

Making a mess

Making new friends
All of our classmates were really nice and ready to laugh at themselves, so we didn't feel too self conscious.


apple and cranberry tart
An amazing apple and cranberry tart ready for the oven.

making the crusts
Working on the Oreo crust.

So pretty
We did a lot of tasting a long the way. ;)

Bailey's Cheesecake
Bailey's Oreo cheesecake.

pot de creme
Pot de creme.

final product
Getting ready to enjoy the final products.

I can't recommend the class enough. Sur la Table did an excellent job balancing the instructor time with the hands-on baking. This is the perfect girl's day or date night. I've already started looking through some of their other class offerings -champagne and hors d'oeuvres, anyone?

Do you have any favorite Christmas recipes?

That is all.


  1. Bailey's Oreo cheesecake?!!!!!!!! INVITE ME!!!!!

  2. HOLY COW! My mouth is watering. Brett and I had SO much fun at our cooking class, and this post makes me think we should do another one! Although dessert > dinner, always.

  3. That looks so fun! And the desserts look YUMMY

  4. You and your mom are adorable, and those desserts look amaaaazing! I want to take a cooking class now!

  5. Your photos are amazing! And I just nominated you for a stylish blogger award... pls go to my blog to accept: http://nataliemurray.blogspot.com/ N x


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