17 November 2010

The one with the flea market puppies.

Hi, friends.

Recently I visited a flea market for the first time (I know, I know...). My senses were completely overwhelmed - people everywhere and treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Flea Market - Crazy Hair

Flea Market - Figurines

Flea Market - Coconuts

They have coconuts at flea markets?

Flea Market - Scrunchies

Just what I always wanted...a box of scrunchies.

Flea Market - Knick knacks

and when I thought I couldn't take any more...what should I see? Flea market puppies. A little part of me died from all the cuteness.

Flea Market - Baby Toby's

Flea Market - PUPPIES

I still don't know how I didn't make it out of there with one in each hand.

Well, there's your cuteness for Wednesday. :) oh! And here are the treasures I came away with - 

Flea Market Goodies

Are you a flea market aficionado? Any tips to share, because I am definitely going back. :)
That is all.


  1. I have been to Eastern Market, which is a lot of fun. It is easy to take the Metro, plus you can get some yummy food, too!

  2. I loved Eastern Market the summer I interned in DC. I still enjoy a flea market every once in a while, you never know what you might find.

  3. It always makes me sad when I see puppies at flea markets! I want to adopt them all!

    Looks like a fun day! I love finding random little treasures at places like that!

  4. Awww such cute puppies! I also love those owls - not so sure about that box of scrunchies though...hmmm

  5. I love your photos! We used to have these things called Car Boot Sales in England where I grew up, and as a kid I'd always go out on Saturday mornings with my grandparents to check them out - kind of the same idea I think :)

    Great finds!

  6. That box full of scrunchies & your caption cracked me up :o)

  7. what fun!! I would have loved it. We have a huge flea market here in SC that is always an adventure. let's just say...redneck. they sell roosters and pitbulls (it is sad to imagine why) and all kinds of other sweet little puppies that I also always want! socks and funnel cakes...etc etc.

    I am the weird one that would have bought the box of scrunchies...they work well re-styled as brooches (after a very sanitary machine wash with super hot water and tons of soap of course!)

  8. It always makes me sad when I see Puppies at flea markets! I want to adopt them all!

  9. I went to the flea market yesterday and tried to convince J to let me get a beautiful blue + tan female Chihuahua puppy. He said no, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't pout a little on the way to the car, haha.


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