06 October 2014

The one with the Nuciya Green Beauty Starter Kit + giveaway.


Green Beauty Starter Kit

Nuciya Napoleon Dynamite

I'm very excited to be sharing the Nuciya Green Beauty Starter Kit today! It's a fantastic idea if you are just beginning to research natural beauty products, and Nuciya is kind enough to be hosting an international giveaway. There will be five separate winners who will get -

  • A copy of No More Dirty Looks
  • Natural beauty samples (a selection chosen at random)
  • A savings voucher
There is only one rule to enter - you must like Nuciya's Facebook page. I included a couple other ways to get entries, but they aren't mandatory. If you are under eighteen you need to have a guardian's permission to enter. Good luck!! 

25 September 2014

The one with my evening skincare routine.

Evening Skincare Routine

Evening Skincare Routine Products

Enhance Face Oil

Today I'm sharing my evening skincare routine. While makeup is fun to apply, it feels so good to wash it off at the end of a long day. : ) And here are my last two skincare videos in case you missed them - 

I also use and love the Paula's Choice Resist Weekly Retexturizing Foam, but it's currently undergoing a reformulation. I want to try the reformulation before I recommend the foam to anyone.
Step 1: Remove Makeup
  • Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover
  • Acure Organics Facial Cleansing Creme
  • Andalou Naturals Lash + Lid Make-Up Remover
Step 2: Exfoliate
  • Paula's Choice Resist Daily Pore-Refining Treatment 2%
  • BHA Paula's Choice Resist Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% AHA (once a week)
Step 3: Moisturize
  • Organic Bath Co. Enhance Face Oil (sent to me by Organic Bath Co.)
  • Andalou Naturals Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum (I alternate between these two)
  • Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm
  • Paula's Choice Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator
Where I Buy:
  • One Love Organics: Eco Diva
  • Andalou Naturals: I purchase mine from a local health food store, but you can get them online at Vitacost (same with Acure products)
  • Paula's Choice: Paula's Choice
  • Organic Bath Co.: Organic Bath Co. (you can use code ASHLEYTIA for 20% off your order)
29 August 2014

The one with my morning skincare routine.

Morning Skincare Routine makeupTIA

AM Skincare Routine 2

AM Skincare Routine 3

AM Skincare Routine 1

This week's video is all about my morning skincare routine. I show you the natural products I've recently fallen in love with, the items from Paula's Choice I rely on to help combat my acne, and a very cool tip I learned from an Acure representative regarding facial oils and toner. I spent some extra time filming and editing this one - hope you enjoy it and find it useful. : )
12 August 2014

The one with the Nuciya package.

Nuciya Collage

I received the most beautiful package last night from Nuciya, a new online retailer that carries natural and organic beauty products. It was created by fellow beauty lover and blogger, Amber Karlson. They are based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and offer very fair shipping rates (free shipping on orders over $65 for US/Canada and and on international orders over $100). Nuciya carries a lot of fantastic brands including Mun, 100% Pure, Blissoma, Laurel Skin, and Sappho Organics.

Amber was kind enough to let me pick out a couple products. Here's what I chose -

  • Karen Murrell Lipstick in Violet Mousse: I first heard about this brand on one of my favorite blogs, Genuine Glow. There are a lot of pretty Karen Murrell shades to chose from, but when I read that Violet Mousse was created to be the "little black dress" of lipsticks, I knew I was going to try it. From the swatch above, you can see it's a very natural color. It helps to give my complexion a little life while remaining very natural.
  • Sappho Organics Liquid Foundation in Leisha: I am so excited about this foundation! Sappho is a brand I've been interested in (their eyeshadows look gorgeous as well!), but it's hard to buy foundations without swatching in-store. Luckily, Amber helped me determine Leisha would be a good match for me. As soon as I opened the package, I put a bit of the foundation on my cheek and neck - I think it will be perfect.

I am so excited for Amber, and wish her and Nuciya all the best. I'll start wearing the products, and I'm sure you will see them in a future video.
01 August 2014

The one with the Pacifica Solar Palette.

casual brunch makeup look

Pacifica Makeup

The Pacifica Solar Palette has definitely been my most-used palette this summer. It can create neutral eyes (I was wearing it in my What's in my Bag video) and soft summery eyes. I hope you enjoy getting ready with me, and I included my outfit since a couple people asked for more style clips...maybe they won't ask again after seeing how simple I dress. ; ) As always, thanks for watching!
03 July 2014

The one with June's favorites.

june favorites

I had the best luck when it came to beauty products in June and couldn't wait to share them with you. In this video I feature the Pacifica Solar Palette, a chocolate-scented sunless tanner, a handful of beautiful lip products, and more. I hope you enjoy the video, and to my US readers, I hope you have a fun and safe 4th of July!
05 June 2014

The one with the Rodale's summer haul.

summer beauty haul 2

During Rodale's recent anniversary sale, I purchased a few products I am hoping will be perfect for summer. I want to do a "Summer Essentials" video and maybe another video on products with SPF, so if I end up liking my purchases, you may see them again. : )

  • Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray: The packaging and name of this product may have influenced my purchase - crossing my fingers it helps to give me messy, mermaid waves.
  • Suntegrity Tinted Moisturizer + Face Primer BB Cream SPF 30: While I'm very happy with my Paula's Choice Hydralight Shine-Free Mineral Complex SPF 30 (it plays nicely under makeup and doesn't irritate my under-eye area), I wanted a SPF with a tint for days when I don't feel like messing with foundation.
  • RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer: I'm having a moment with RMS Beauty (as seen here). Teri, one of my favorite beauty YouTubers, showed this product in action in a few of her get ready with me videos. It's initially very dark but sheers out easily. I've used it the past couple of days and love the sun-kissed look it gives.
  • COOLA Suncare Sport Sunscreen Spray SPF 30: If you watched my May Favorites video you saw I'm loving my Fitbit, and, as a result, I'm walking outside a lot more. I love the idea of a spray SPF - seems quick, easy, and less messy.
I'll be testing these products out, and hopefully you will see them in an upcoming video!
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